iBT 托福實測---口說篇|貝塔語測
iBT 托福實測---口說篇
iBT 托福實測---口說篇
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本書共包含 12 回完整的托福口說測驗模擬試題,試題之難易度、長度、學科主題和題目的類型,皆與 TOEFL iBT 真題一致,是考生備考、檢測實力不可或缺的擬真試題本。各回內容特色如下:





整合型試題的部分,提示了閱讀和聽力的筆記要領;獨立型試題的部分,除了筆記要領和答題思路引導,另收錄與該主題相關、有可能會出現的多元試題 (RELATED TOPICS) 供考生加強練習。



考量考生們實際能進行口說的程度,提供難易適當的作答範例。特別是問贊成/反對的問題和要求選擇意見時,分別提供各個範例回應,考生可藉此分析出符合自己意見的最好回應方式。而在作答時應注意的小細節或技巧,都隨機彙整在 TIPS for SUCCESS中。



各回測驗題之 MP3 錄製方式皆比照正式測驗,含題型說明、預留閱讀時間、答題指示及作答時間,考生可視需求,於學習前後反覆模擬正式測驗情境。


Susan Kim

- BMus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

- TOEFL instructor at Kaplan, Korea


Michael A. Putlack

- MA in History, Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA

- Expert test developer of TOEFL, TOEIC, and TEPS


 Lee Cheong

- BA in English Language and Literature, Inha University, Incheon, South Korea

- Tesol Certificate, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea

- Advanced Business English Certificate, Adelphi University, New York, USA


Stephen Poirier

- Candidate for PhD in History, University of Western Ontario, Canada

- Certificate of Professional Technical Writing, Carleton University, Canada

作者序/TOEFL® iBT的口說測驗評分標準/口說測驗/應試技巧大公開


Actual Test 01

Independent Task

Musician / Where to Raise Children

Integrated Task

Basketball Court Usage / Psychology: The Peak-End Rule / Finding a Book / Pathology: The Human Immune System


Actual Test 02

Independent Task

Clothes Shopping / Reading the Newspaper

Integrated Task

Posters around Campus / Business: Target Marketing / A Problem with a Roommate / Biology: Group Feeding


Actual Test 03

Independent Task

Nervousness / Money for Household Chores

Integrated Task

Free Airport Bus / Biology: Vertical Migration / Registering for a Course / Biology: Adaptations to Arctic Conditions


Actual Test 04

Independent Task

Healthy Children / New or Old Buildings

Integrated Task

Borrowing Art Books / Sociology: Technical Incapacity / Choosing a Job / Ecology: Wetland Animals


Actual Test 05

Independent Task

The Most Important Item / Learning about One’s Ancestors

Integrated Task

Computer Laboratory Fee / Business: Sensory Marketing / Going Home for the Holidays or Not / Biology: Mutualism


Actual Test 06

Independent Task

Characteristics / Carrying a Cell Phone

Integrated Task

No Cell Phones in the Library / Psychology: Negative Ideation / Getting Extra Shifts / Business: Product Designs


Actual Test 07

Independent Task

A Good Period in Life / Solving Problems

Integrated Task

Building Renovations / Business: Advertising / Taking Online Classes / Biology: Insect Defenses


Actual Test 08

Independent Task

Improving Learning Environments / Children Cell Phone Usage

Integrated Task

Fall Break / Economics: Opportunity Cost / Too Many Courses / Biology: Animal Defenses


Actual Test 09

Independent Task

Tools / Listening to Music

Integrated Task

Banning Bicycles from Sidewalks / Philosophy: Logical Consequences / Volunteer or Workshop / Biology: Mountain Animals


Actual Test 10

Independent Task

Best Aspect of the Last School / Influential Person

Integrated Task

Dormitory Quiet Policy / Business: Mental Accounting / Choosing a School / Biology: Loon Feathers


Actual Test 11

Independent Task

Achievement / Team or Individual Sports

Integrated Task

School Shuttle Buses / Psychology: Assimilation / Joining a Project / Business: Business Financial Setbacks


Actual Test 12

Independent Task

Food / Work at the Large or Small Company

Integrated Task

No Exercising on the Commons / Economics: Pricing Techniques / Moving to a New Dormitory / Psychology: Childhood Play


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