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MBA 英文:現金流量表 The Cash Flow Statement

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The Cash Flow Statement shows the cash coming in and out of a company over a period of time.
 Cash Inflows–Cash Outflows = Change in Cash Position for the Period 
* Cash Inflow = Decrease in Assets or Increase in Liabilities or Equity
 = 資產減少或者負債或權益增加
* Cash Outflow = Increase in Assets or Decrease in Liabilities or Equity
 = 資產增加或者負債或權益減少 
The Cash Flow Statement is divided into three sections: Operating, Investing and Financing activities.

Operating Cash Flow 營業活動現金流量

This represents the cash that a company obtains from its business operations. This is calculated by making adjustments to the net profit number. These adjustments are necessary since the income statement is based on the accrual method of accounting, that is, both cash and credit transactions are included. Thus, a company needs to account for the credit transactions by looking for changes in the current (operating) accounts (for both assets and liabilities) of the Balance Sheet. In addition, non-cash expense items such as depreciation must be added back.


Investing Cash Flow 投資活動現金流量

This represents cash that is being invested (bought) or divested (sold) in such things as securities, factories and equipment, or business acquisitions. These are usually necessary outlays to ensure the future growth of the company.


Financing Cash Flow 融資活動現金流量

This represents the external sources of cash such as bank loans (both receipt and payment), other long-term loans, sale or purchase of shares and payment of dividends. The common denominator in all of this is CASH! Without it, a company would eventually go out of business. To a banker, the Cash Flow Statement is probably the most important financial statement, since it will get repaid through the company’s cash, NOT the company’s profits.

這代表來自外部的現金,比方像銀行貸款(收付都算)、其他長期貸款、買賣股票和配股。 而這一切的公約數就是現金!少了它,企業到最後就會倒閉。對銀行業者來說,現金流量表大概是最重要的財務報表,因為它取得還款靠的是該企業的現金,而不是該企業的獲利。

Word List 重要字彙

inflow (v.) 流入 / outflow (v.) 流出 / accrual (n.) 應計項目 / transaction (n.) 交易 / account for 說明 / account (n.) 帳 / add back 加回去 /  divest (v.) 取回 / acquisition (n.) 收購 / outlay (n.) 花費 / receipt (n.) 收取;收據