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英文寫作對策 Prompt__112 高醫後西英文寫作分析

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By  Victor Wan
題目:112 學士後醫_高醫
Write an essay of at least 200 words regarding the following statement: ChatGPT can save lives in the Emergency Room, but it needs supervision: “it is at once both smarter and dumber than any person you’ve ever met.”

As with any English essay, it is key that we respond to the prompt with a coherent, well-structured, grammatically-sound response. As such, the first step to writing this essay is to form a simple outline in our heads (or down on paper, as is your preference).


📝 寫作對策 

The first thing to do is to form your argument, which will take the form of a thesis statement. In this particular essay, the thesis can also function as your introductory paragraph. Since the prompt does not call for a specific bias towards the topic, we can choose to either support or reject the statement provided. We can also provide a meaningful discussion or conversation regarding the issue, but make sure you answer the prompt directly and in full. In the case of this prompt, be sure to use the words ‘ChatGPT’, ‘save lives in the emergency room’, and ‘supervision’ in your answer. Here is a sample introduction:

  首先要做的是建構你的論點,這將以一個主旨句的形式呈現。在這篇作文中,主旨句也可以作為你的前言。由於題目沒有要求對這個主題有特定的偏見,我們可以選擇支持或反對提供的陳述。我們還可以就這個問題進行有意義的討論或對話,但要確保你直接且完整地回答題目。在這個題目中,請確保你的答案中使用到「ChatGPT」、「save lives in the emergency room」和「supervision」這些字詞。以下是範例引言: 

【引言】 ChatGPT, under careful and trained supervision, can help save lives in the emergency room. It is important that we equip medical professionals with the knowledge and tools to aid this process.

Next, we want to form a simple outline in our heads before we begin to write the essay. In my mind, I visualize this in such a way:


_ nature of advancing medicine 醫學進步的本質
_ accurate prompting 精確的指引
_ increase hospital efficiency 增進醫院效率
_ thorough supervision 嚴格監督:全面監管
_ urgency and precision 迫切性與精準度
_ professional duty 專業責任

By visualizing and isolating main keywords into an outline, we begin to form a logical dialogue in our mind. We also force ourselves to think within the capacity of these words and not of any other distractions. The only thing left to do is to form a sentence or two for each point in our outline. Let’s begin:


【段落一】 Modern medicine is shaped by successive waves of innovation and technological progress. Such is the nature of the medical field, in which authorities must constantly improve conventional practices for the benefit of their patients. The evolution of medicine equips doctors and their staff with better tools to save peoples lives. The effects of using ChatGPT in its current form are determined by the precision of its prompts. Proper prompting of ChatGPT allows artificial intelligence to respond in the most suitable manner that provides more effective results. In the case of medicine, accurate prompting may prove the difference between accurate diagnoses and patients deaths. As such, in order to allow ChatGPT to work alongside medical staff most aptly, technical specialists must be consulted to ensure appropriate results. Once applicably formatted, ChatGPT could offer radical improvements to the emergency room, increasing general efficiency by explaining complex procedures, minimizing wait times, streamlining hospital systems, and facilitating general tasks. 

Be sure to use transitions, prepositional phrases, and a variety of descriptive words to highlight important points in your writing. Different sentence structures will allow your reader to stay alert and interested. Try not to ramble or explain too much about little things in your essay, as it will derail you and cause you to stray from the prompt. A good tip for vocabulary is: “If you are not one hundred percent sure how the word is used, dont use it.”


【段落二】 Thoroughly comprehensive supervision of ChatGPT and all of its functions is of the highest importance. Under the precarious circumstances of the emergency room, where life-threatening decisions are judged with an extreme sense of urgency and precision, it is vital that authorities instruct ChatGPT to provide an ideal level of support. Medical professionals should remain the ultimate authority in such vital circumstances; an over-reliance on supplementary technologies will not only damage the self-sufficiency of doctors, but also encroach on the professional duty of medical staff as a whole. So it is important that we do not let the benefits of such a revolutionary technology blind us of underlying risks.

【結論】 In conclusion, ChatGPT may greatly reinforce efforts to save lives in the emergency room, but considerable, conscientious supervision must be maintained in order to ensure the greatest good. 


This sample essay is but only one approach that you could possibly take. If you disagree that ChatGPT has a place inside the emergency room, it is also possible to write an essay in that direction. Because this prompt is rather open-ended, it affords us the freedom to choose how to respond to the issue instead of forcing a certain perspective. However, try not to let yourself get too excited or emotional about sensitive topics; that might cause you to write irregularly or lose focus. The most important points to remember are:


 Have a clear, concise, well-defined argument


 Follow your keywords and stay on track


 Use vocabulary that you know well


 Answer the prompt fully


 Make sure to complete your essay with a concluding paragraph


Final things to consider when writing essays in a test like this are word count, time restraints, and number of body paragraphs. Knowing from practice that I generally write essays of around three hundred words in twenty minutes, I will design my essay outline to have only two body paragraphs, because I want to use around one hundred and fifty words per paragraph, which will be around six to eight sentences each.


Knowing how quickly I plan my outline and write my essay will give me a better idea of how I can structure my paragraphs when I take the test in person. As such, Ill encourage you to write a few timed practice essays at home to get a general grasp on how well you will do in a test.


One last piece of advice I will offer is to stay on top of current events and controversial issues. Test questions are becoming increasingly relevant to events in our daily lives, and it is important to read lightly about several topics from different subjects so that you have a general understanding of the world around you. Itll also act as a necessary break during your study sessions.

  最後,我要提供一個建議:關注時事和有爭議的問題。考試題目越來越與我們日常生活中的事件相關,重要的是要輕鬆閱讀議題中的不同主題,這樣您才能對周圍的世界有一個大致的了解。 它還將作為您學習期間的必要休息時間

Good luck with your writing!