聽讀英文 – 人物焦點:偵探小說女王阿嘉莎・克莉絲蒂 Agatha Christie (音)|貝塔語測
聽讀英文 – 人物焦點:偵探小說女王阿嘉莎・克莉絲蒂 Agatha Christie (音)

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By  Quentin Brand

Script 閱讀文本

In the realm of detective fiction, one name stands out as a beacon of brilliance and creativity—Agatha Christie. Born on September 15, 1890, in Torquay, England, Christie would go on to become the best-selling novelist of all time, enchanting readers with her captivating mysteries and unforgettable characters. 

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, later known as Agatha Christie, spent her early years surrounded by a world of books and storytelling. Raised in a well-to-do family, she received an education at home and developed an early passion for literature. Her childhood was marked by an avid interest in a variety of genres, but it was the works of Wilkie Collins, Arthur Conan Doyle, and E. Phillips Oppenheim fueled her fascination with crime and mystery. Christie’s life took a turn towards adventure during World War I when she worked as a nurse and pharmacist. Her experiences during this time would later influence her writing, adding a layer of realism and depth to her detective stories. 

Agatha Christie’s literary career took off with her debut novel, “The Mysterious Affair at Styles,” introducing the iconic Hercule Poirot to the world. Published in 1920, this novel laid the foundation for Christie’s reputation as the “Queen of Crime.” Poirot, along with other recurring characters like Miss Marple, became beloved figures in the literary landscape. 

The hallmark of Christie’s writing was her ability to craft intricate plots filled with red herrings and unexpected twists. From the exotic settings of “Death on the Nile” to the claustrophobic atmosphere of “Murder on the Orient Express,” her novels transported readers to a world of suspense and intrigue. 

Agatha Christie’s impact on the mystery genre is immeasurable. With a career spanning over five decades, she penned 66 detective novels, 14 short story collections, and the world’s longest-running play, “The Mousetrap.” Her works have been translated into numerous languages and adapted into countless films, TV series, and stage productions. What sets Christie apart is not just her prolific output but also the sheer brilliance of her storytelling. Her ability to keep readers guessing until the final pages, combined with her keen understanding of human psychology, cemented her status as a literary giant. 

Agatha Christie’s own life took a mysterious turn in 1926 when she disappeared for 11 days, sparking a nationwide manhunt. The circumstances surrounding her vanishing remain a topic of speculation and intrigue to this day. Her reappearance, claiming amnesia, only added to the mystique surrounding the famous author. 

Agatha Christie’s influence on the mystery genre persisted long after her passing in 1976. Her works continue to captivate new generations of readers, and her legacy is celebrated annually through events like the Agatha Christie Festival. Her impact on popular culture is evident in the countless adaptations and references in literature, film, and television. 

As we reflect on the life and work of Agatha Christie, it is clear that her contributions to literature extend far beyond the pages of her books. She not only entertained millions but also left an indelible mark on the art of storytelling, reminding us that, in the world of mystery, she will forever be the unrivaled Queen.

Translation 中文翻譯
在偵探小說領域,有一個名字格外引人注目,她就是阿嘉莎・克莉絲蒂 (Agatha Christie)。克莉絲蒂於 1890 年 9 月 15 日出生於英格蘭托爾坎,後來成為有史以來最暢銷的小說家,她以引人入勝的推理小說和令人難忘的人物形象征服了讀者。 
阿嘉莎・瑪麗・克萊麗莎・米勒 (Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller) 後來被稱為阿嘉莎・克莉絲蒂 (Agatha Christie),她的早年生活在書籍和講故事的世界中。她生長在一個富裕的家庭,在家中接受教育,很早就對文學產生了濃厚的興趣。童年時代,她對各種類型的文學作品都有著濃厚的興趣,但威爾基・柯林斯、亞瑟・柯南・道爾和 E.菲力浦斯奧本海姆的作品卻讓她對犯罪和懸疑小說產生了濃厚的興趣。第一次世界大戰期間,克莉絲蒂的生活轉向冒險,當時她擔任護士和藥師。她在此期間的經歷後來影響了她的寫作,為她的偵探小說增添了一層現實主義色彩和深度。 
阿嘉莎克莉絲蒂的文學生涯憑藉她的處女作《斯泰爾斯的神秘事件》開始起飛,向世界介紹了標誌性的赫爾克里・波洛。這部發表於 1920 年的小說奠定了克莉絲蒂「犯罪小說女王」的聲譽。波洛與馬普爾小姐等其他反覆出現的角色一起,成為文學界深受喜愛的人物。 
克莉絲蒂寫作的特色是她能夠精心設計充滿轉移注意力和意想不到的曲折的複雜情節。 從《尼羅河慘案》的異國情調到《東方快車謀殺案》的幽閉恐怖氛圍,她的小說將讀者帶入一個充滿懸念和陰謀的世界。 
阿嘉莎・克莉絲蒂對推理小說的影響是無法估量的。在長達 50 多年的職業生涯中,她創作了 66 部偵探小說、14 部短篇小說集和世界上上演時間最長的戲劇《捕鼠器》。她的作品被翻譯成多種語言,並改編成無數電影、電視劇和舞台劇。克莉絲蒂的與眾不同之處不僅在於她多產的作品,還在於她講故事的才華。她能讓讀者猜到最後一頁,再加上她對人類心理的敏銳理解,奠定了她作為文學巨匠的地位。 
1926 年,阿嘉莎・克莉絲蒂的生活發生了神秘的轉變,她失蹤了 11 天,引發了全國範圍的搜查。有關她失蹤的情況至今仍是人們猜測和好奇的話題。她再次出現時聲稱自己失憶,這更增添了這位著名作家的神秘色彩。 
阿嘉莎・克莉絲蒂 1976 年去世後,她對推理小說的影響一直持續至今。她的作品繼續吸引著新一代的讀者,人們每年都會通過阿嘉莎・克莉絲蒂節 (Agatha Christie Festival) 等活動來紀念她的遺產。她對大眾文化的影響體現在文學、電影和電視中無數的改編和引用。 
※ Quentin老師閱讀文本外,另有補充對於本篇主題的個人觀點與讀者分享,請仔細聆聽,並思考自己的想法。※
In the fourth paragraph you will see the word ‘cemented’. This word means ‘fixed’ and we use it very often to talk about someone’s reputation. Here are some more sentences using the word. 
‘Her dedication and hard work over the years have cemented her reputation as a good team member.’ 
‘The successful product launch cemented the company’s reputation as a leader in the field.’
在第四段中,你會看到「cemented」一字,這個字的意思是「固定」,我們經常用它來談論某人的聲譽。 這裡還有一些使用這個字的句子。 
IRT 作題評量,診斷學習強弱

Q1: What is the main topic of the article?

A. crime fiction

B. the life and work of a crime writer

C. some crime novels


Q2: In the third paragraph what does the word ‘intrigue’ mean?

A. a faraway place

B. murder and death

C. creating curiosity


Q3: How many detective novels did Agatha Christie write?

A. 11

B. 14

C. 66

Q1: B Q2: C Q3: C

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